We are based in Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada. We service Sudbury, Elliot Lake, and surrounding areas.   We offer several services related to Architecture and Environmental Design.

Gabriel Febres is an Architect in Ontario, Canada and in Venezuela.

Our Goals

We believe it is our responsibility to ensure all requirements of each project are met throughout the planning, design, development and production processes. Our commitment to satisfy all requirements consolidates our future within the industry.

We are specialists in environmentally friendly and energy conscious design. Client requirements and objectives are resolved through innovative and sensible design principles. Commitment to practicing sensible design is ensured by our integrity and service, guaranteeing successful completion of all projects.

Sustainable Architecture implies to oversee the design and construction of buildings with a focus on the role a structure will play in its environment. A primary goal is to create attractive, affordable and comfortable buildings that do not harm the environment, either during their construction or their lifetime.

Gabriel Febres 2015 -  Sandvox Mezzanotte